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We will move to Terceira in April 1999 and would like to make contact with a church member there before hand or get in contact with ex missionaries to either take "saludos" to someone or ask about the islands. Thanks

-- Richard Moore (, June 26, 1998


To Richard Moore:

I just finished my mission in the Portugal Lisbon North Mission. I served on the island of Terceira for 5 months (July 1999 - December 1999). It's a great island. It's small, so I recommend talking to some of the American members to find out the hot spots that some people may not know about. I liked visiting the Serra de Cume, Serra de Santa Barbara, the Grutas de Porto Judeu, and Algar do Carvao. Say hello to the American branch for me, especially the Davis's and the Galbraith's. Good luck on the island!

Sincerely, Amy Rogers

-- Amy Rogers (, July 08, 2000.

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