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Hi Everyone,

It is time to add new images from new artists to The Gallery of The Brownie Shooters.

If you have some images that you would like to see in the gallery let me know and I'll tell you how to submit them.


-- Chuck (, June 26, 1998


Chuck, I have used and had developed two rolls so far for my B.H. Flash, but they turned out quite washed-out. I took the pics in Arizona, and it was very sunny that day, so I think I have a slowish shutter. Over the past couple of days I have used a roll of Fuji Superia 100 color and am almost done exposing a roll of Kodak Pan-something 100 (both size 120) in various degrees of sunlight and by using my flash attachment. If any of these turn out, I will be happy to post to the page! I have already set up an (empty) album to put them in!

Thanks for this page and this forum.


-- Peter Lutz (, February 02, 2001.

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