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I have tried several times to install the smartadmin.cgi to its' own directory but no luck. What files and/or directories need to accompany the smartadmin.cgi to the new directory? Thanks in advance.

-- John Paulson (, June 26, 1998


It looks like the only file that is required is smart.cfg. You could change the require ('smart.cfg') to point to a common directory that s-mart.cgi can also see(recommended)or place a copy of it in the directory. As long as all your databases are in the same directory, it should work. The database files are pointed to be the $basepath variable.

Can I ask why you would want to move the admin. script?

-- Tom (, June 26, 1998.

The reason I want to place the smartadmin.cgi in another directory is so that I can password protect it.

-- John Paulson (, June 28, 1998.

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