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When I do a continue search after the first 25 items are listed no more items are displayed even though there are another 50 in the data base. This is the URL command for the next set of 25:

command=listitems&pos=25&type=group&group=mint u.s. year sets

Does that look correct? Seems to me it should be '=group&groups'

-- Dennis R. Abel (, June 25, 1998


The URL looks correct. If you are doing a search, why is your URL showing that you are viewing by groups? You need to provide more infomation in order to answer your question. What did you search for? Was the string found in all 50 items? It looks like you are viewing the 'mint u.s. year sets' group, is that correct? If so, you are not doing a search.

Glad to help, just need better information.

-- Tom (, June 25, 1998.

Thanks Tom!! This question solved. The problem was with the group classifications in my database.

-- Dennis R. Abel (, June 26, 1998.

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