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Can anyone tell me what steam/diesel equipment SAL used in Montgomery, AL between 1945 and 1955? I am aware of steam photos in Prince's SAL book, but don't have a clear picture of what road equipment brought SAL trains in and out of Mtgy, nor of what switchers (esp. diesel) SAL kept in Mtgy. Thanks.

-- Andrew Waldo (, June 23, 1998


Most of the pictures I've seen of 1940s Alabama Division trains were taken in the Pitts, GA area by David Salter, but I think they're pretty indicative of what came into Mont at the time...Steam Days:prob.older Pacifics for the passenger local and Mikados for freight. Don't know exact full transition date for dieselization right off the top of my head-think it was '53. Road power would have been mostly Alco RS series (RS2/RS3/RSCs)with GP7s mixed in. Remember, too, that not only did trains come in from Savannah but there was also a train I think they called the Cavalcade that came up from Tallahassee via the GF&A sub. There's a picture of that train in the Beckum book with a "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink" lashup:RS's, GPs, and an Alco FA/FB on the point...seems like that was a little later than '55, though ('59, I think). Hope this helps. Bud Leggett

-- Bud (David L.)Leggett (, June 15, 2001.

For yard switchers in Montgomery, I remember Alcos. For road power, my father, who worked for the GM&O in Montgomery, says he remembers Baldwin Centipedes but of course there were many others.

-- Chuck Till (, October 31, 1998.

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