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While watching the TBS movie, SOS Titanic, I thought that the man playing Lawrence Beesley looked familiar. It turned out to be David Warner. Warner played the character Spicer Lovejoy (Cal's manservant) in James Cameron's Titanic. Interesting. In SOS Tianic, he is a nice man who survives the tragedy, but in Jame's Cameron's film, he is a shallow, unfeeling man who dies. Talk about a versatile actor! I'll bet no one else has ever gone down with the ship TWICE!!

-- Amanda (, June 22, 1998


Hi Amanda:

Actually, there is another actor who has made two 'maiden voyages.' Bernard Fox, who played Colonel Gracie in the Cameron film, played the role of lookout Fredrick Fleet (who spotted the iceberg) in the 1958 British adaptation of Walter Lord's 'A Night to Remember.'

Fox was not listed in the credits of the film, but he is listed among the cast in the film's listing in the Internet Movie Database (


-- Kip Henry (, June 22, 1998.

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