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Reading the posts of authors you respect is one way I stay current on the best, late breaking news on y2k.

I've loaded a few URLs that take you right to the author profile page from Be sure to click your "reload" button to get the most updated information if you refer to someone often. Add your favorite y2k related topic posters here.

-- cynthia (, June 21, 1998


I've gotta tell ya - Cory Hamasaki's Washington DC Weather Reports are absolutely fantastic. Anyone who wants to be up on what's up needs to be reading Cory's stuff religiously. Dave Eastabrook was possibly going to archive them all someday - otherwise, you can just get the most current ones, and have to go through his author profile to track all the past ones. Some rainy day I might do that - the evolution of Cory Hamasaki is fascinating, and you'll learn more about y2k by reading Cory's story than almost anything else right now.

-- cynthia (, June 21, 1998.

This is a good bit by Cory Hamasaki on csy2kresponding to Allen Comstock's complaint that the news media isn't doing its job. You can search the thread for the back context. Cory's reference to "Dec" is Declan McCullough, Time Correspondent, who's been doing a great job of getting the story into the press - as well as he can, given the obstacles that Cory sites that are much bigger than any single reporter...

-- cynthia (, June 21, 1998.

This is the link to the congressional testimony of the Gartner Group regarding global readiness and likely impacts from the Y2k problem.

Gartner Testimony>, October 7, 1998.

If you attend to it closely, and use it carefully, there are probability scenarios that you can discern. These can shape your planning and make it more efficient and effective.



-- cynthia (, October 11, 1998. Links for both solid Y2k information and Christians who are working with their religious and service communities to mitigate Y2k impacts and plan for Disaster Recovery.


-- cynthia (, October 29, 1998.

At this link you'll find a few of the clippings added to the press clippings page.

-- cynthia (, November 11, 1998.

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