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This question was asked in Comp.Software.Year-2000 (csy2k). It brings up a great point, and allows for a goodly amount of speculation that can actually go somewhere. Please post links to threads, comments, and other URLS - especially ones that track the problem and get updated regularly - here:

EV wrote:

I am assuming that there will be indicators that prior to dec 31 1999 will give one some idea of the extent to which this situation will deteriorate. What scenerios would begin to manifest themselves that would lead one to conclude that the worst case is inevitable? When would the point of no return occur? And how will one gauge the progression of these events if they are not reported in the mainstream press? Also I have read of a program called tracer 2000 how will this impact the problem? Thanks

-- cynthia (, June 21, 1998


This is the thread that originated this question and it cascades into all the dejanews answers on the subject.

Cory Hamasaki does some great timetables for remediation/mitigation/contingency planning. He predicts remediation will mostly STOP by the end of 1998, because anyone worth their y2k salt is going to be fixing problems that haven't been caught in time and are gumming up the works seriously, starting this January. Here's one special highlight from the thread above at csy2k for 1998 Must-Get-Dones

-- cynthia (, June 21, 1998.

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