Titanic Poem {Anyone know who wrote it?}

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Many years ago in high school, we were taught a fairly long poem about the Titanic. I don't remember the title or author but remember it had many rhymes and was lengthy. I remember it specifically mentioning the Carpathia. Can anyone tell me the name and author of this poem and where I might obtain a copy?

-- Brian Damboise (bdamboise@sprint.ca), June 20, 1998


There's a poem called "Titanic" in "American Poetry: The Twentieth Century, Volume One: From Henry Adams to Dorothy Parker," the first of two wonderful volumes publislhed by The Library of America. It is listed under a short section of poems whose authors are unknown.

-- T. Hanson (thanson577@aol.com), November 17, 2002.

E.J. Pratt wrote an epic poem of the Titanic. Canadian poet.

-- Jenn (brickyard@homesbyavi.com), February 12, 2003.

Could be Thomas Hardy's "Convergence of the Twain" (Lines on the Loss of the 'Titanic.") Written in 1912.

-- M.O. (ostrom@interchange.ubc.ca), June 14, 2003.

Actually, it probably was Pratt's poem; Hardy's doesn't mention the Carpathia.

-- M.O. (ostrom@interchange.ubc.ca), June 14, 2003.

The poem, The Titanic was written by E. J. Pratt. The poem is really long and i am studying it in class.

-- Eddie Morris (05moredd@whs.btrd.ab.ca), May 06, 2004.

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