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Hi Everyone:

I deleted the older message off the board because a lot of the messages were outdated. It became increasing harder to delete a post that was part of a larger grouping of messages. It seemed like a good time to get back on track as to the purpose of the board. Which of course is Billy McNamara.

Billy is doing very well and is currently looking at doing a new film and possibly joining a television series for next season. I will be sure to post information as soon as everything is set.

I hope everyone like the addition of Reel.Com to our site.. Now there is no reason why fans wont be able to rent those hard to find videos like Radio Inside, and The Byrcreem Boys. Which was just released on video. For those of you who saw the movie what did you think of Billys performance and the movie in general?

I just found out that audio samples of the music from Billys new film Implicated are on the net from Speier Music Productions. Check them out at Theres a great poster too


-- WMFC -- Greg (, June 19, 1998

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