Titanic not in the top 90 best movies of all time, acc. to American film institute.

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I watched this program last night on CBS. I missed #90 - #100 and I was told it may have been in that range. Will someone tell me about the voting body (how many people and what types of occupations)? I just know it was the American Film Institute. FYI, #1 was Citizen Kane, #2 Casablanca, #3 Godfather, #4 Gone With the Wind. Other big box office draws E.T., Jaws, Schindler's List, Star Wars were within the top 25. I still think Titanic is the best of all time, measured by the Oscars and box office. What's your opinion? I wonder if Cameron's personality has anything to do with it. Feel free to disagree.

-- Bob Gregorio (rgregorio@ibm.net), June 17, 1998


I read in the newspaper that the AFI set the cutoff date for the 100 best films for 1996. That is the reason why Titanic was not named as one of them.

-- Emily (tingster@juno.com), June 17, 1998.

I saw #30 --#1 as they were counting them down, and had wondered myself if perhaps I had missed "Titanic" somewhere from #31 -- #90. Regardless, if "Titanic" wasn't in there, it would be extremely perplexing. The only thing I can figure would be that perhaps "Titanic" hasn't been around long enough in everyone's collective memory like the other films have, or perhaps there was a Titanic backlash amoung those who voted. Either way, it's a great movie that easily contends with those in the top 90.

-- Mike (foo@bar.com), June 17, 1998.

The AFI website is up and running, except for the server with the list of '100 Greatest American Movies'.

I keep getting a 'Server Busy' error, which isn't surprising, considering that the TV special was just on last night).

Titanic is still too new to be eligible for 'Best of All Time' lists (it has been in release for just under 6 months); the 'Best of the 20th Century' lists will only be accurate around 2012 or so, after some reflection.

In the set background for one of the show hosts, I *did* notice that one of the director's chair backs had 'Cameron' on the back.

I'd slot Titanic somewhere in the top 25 of the 20th Century; I also believe (since I'm an optimist) that the best film of all time has yet to be conceived. One day, when I have the time (around 2003?), I'll compile a list of statistics for the AFI list (i.e. what is the average year-of-release of the list, percentage of black-and-white movies, average running time, Oscar© Best Picture percentage).


-- Thomas M. Terashima (titanicShack@yahoo.com), June 17, 1998.

Thanks, everyone. Emily, someone confirmed what you said, that 1996 was the last year considered. I was glad to see my 2nd favorite, Fargo from 1996, included. As if I or anyone else should really care about any of this! I surprise myself sometimes!

-- BobG (rgregorio@ibm.net), June 17, 1998.

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