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To whom it may concern:

Sir/Ma'am , we have a connection problem using NETBIOS. For futher details refer to the scenario below:

Windows based application that uses NETBIOS (Windows 95) <------- > Character based OS/2 application that uses NETBIOS (OS/2) <------> MSSQL Server 6.5 (Windows NT)

How can we configure (network) the above scenario ?

The OS/2 part is very hard to configure . We tried to use IBM NETBIOS together with IBM Request (LAN server and Peer Resources?) but the Windows based application doesn't connect it always generates an error NETBIOS Workstation not found .

What protocols do we need? What network configuration? HELP !!!

Thank you and may God Bless You !!!


-- Anonymous, June 16, 1998


Re: NETBIOS Connection Problem


I'm sorry I'm not finding anything by using the error message, "NETBIOS Workstation not found".

Is that the exact wording of the error messsage? Are there any other clues can you provide?


-- Anonymous, June 17, 1998

Time Marches On...

OS/2 typically is configured using Netbios API over Netbeui protocol. This is the default if you just choose 'Netbios' during configuration. Microsoft uses Netbios API over TCP/IP (or is it just IP?).

I strongly suspect the OS/2 machine is configured for default and needs to be reconfigured for Netbios over TCP. Sorry I do not remember where in OS/2 this needs to be configured. It is during configuration of the network card(s) and you have to explicitly choose Netbios over TCP.

-- Anonymous, May 26, 1999

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