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I am developing a G scale model railroad based on the rolling stock from the Appapachia short line railroads. I purshased the Bachmann Shay engine and have been studing the history of the prototype from which this model was designed. I believe this engine was first operated on the Cherry River Boom & Lumber Co RR and I am seeking info on that railroad, especially on the rolling stock. I would love a picture of one of their Shays, if possible number 12.

I believe the railroad operated out of Richwood, West Virginia. I read that the RR once had 16 engines and 75 miles of track. The trains begain regular operations in 1901. I believe the operation continued into the 1950s but I don't know if the name changed.

Thanks for the help and I look forward to continued participation.

Karl Kleeman of Raleigh, North Carolina

-- Karl Kleeman (, June 15, 1998


William "Doc" Nelson of Marietta Georgia wrote, The History of The Cherry River Boom and Lumber Co at Richwood, wv mills in richwood, gauley mills, and holcomb wv. i borrowed a copy from the library of version 3, may 20, 1991. I am doing a pictorial history of webster co, wv, and am still searching for photos of towns, buildings, school groups, railroads etc, until mid may.

-- Mark E. Romano (, April 17, 2001.

Cherry River Boom & Lumber Shay #12 eventually ended up at Swandale WV on the Elkr River Coal & Lumber Co., which connected with the Buffalo Creek and Gauley. It most definetly is NOT the prototype for the Bachman G scale Shay. That engine is now in the National RR Museum in Green Bay, WI.

-- Max S. Robin, P.E. (, May 26, 2000.

There is a book available on this subject:- "West Virginia Logging Railroads" by W.E.Warden Pub. 1993 by TLC Publishing Inc. ISBN 1-883089-03-4

This book starts with a general review of subject, and then has chapters on 5 of the more prominent logging railroads, including the Cherry River Boom & Lumber Co. However there are no photos of No.12. There is a full roster of their locos, but this says that No.12 was new here and that its disposition is unknown.

Are you sure that No.12 is the basis of the Bachmann model? I thought it was based on a loco of the Ely-Thomas Lumber Co. The West Virginia book also has a chapter on this company, with photos of its No.5 & 6, which are the 2-truck Shays. They also had 3-truck Shays and a Climax B.

Brian Rumary, England

-- Brian Rumary (, June 17, 1998.

The Bachman Shay is based on Lima c/n 2940 which was built for the 3 foot gauge Pardee & Curtin Lumber Co. # 12 in 1917 in Nicholas County, WV. She later ended up on the West Virginia Midland as their # 12, this narrow gauge common carrier was partly owned by the Pardee & Curtin. When the WVM and P&C folded up she was sold to the Ely-Thomas Lumber Co.# 5 of Jetsville, WV in 1947.This narrow gauge logging operation lasted until 1955. She has been preserved and is located at the National RR Museum at Green Bay, WI.

-- Donald R. Hensley, Jr. (, June 16, 1998.

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