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It looks like Titanic will be #11 on this weeks box office list,so I was just curious to see how many theaters Titanic is currently playing in your area of the world. Here in the Orlando Florida market it is playing on 8 screens. At one point Titanic played on 17 screens,so it still has a hold on several first run sites. P.S. there still is a chance Titanic will come in at #10 on the box office chart for this week,according to AP news wire, once all the figures are caculated after 3pm on Monday?

-- michael pitt (, June 14, 1998


Okay, I'm in Australia so I don't know if we count for anything ;-) but Titanic is still showing in all the main cinemas but only once a day, or maybe twice a day at some of them on the weekends. It's still doing very well over here though, the cinemas still get packed.

-- Emma (, June 14, 1998.

Emma, I would love to spend a day in Austraila going from theater to theater viewing Titanic! Only one show per day? Here in the states most theaters have three showings of Titanic each day. One of my favorite old time films ON THE BEACH with Ava Gardner was filmed in Austraila in 1958. I wasn't born then,but Ava was the most beautiful star of that time.

-- Michael Pitt (, June 14, 1998.

7 Theaters in the Seattle, Washington area. (Not including Tacoma)

It's still playing at two of the more popular theatres, but I don't expect it to last long.

-- crystal smithwick (, June 15, 1998.

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