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I think I know a pretty fair amount about our favorite ship and its design, but after seeing the movie for the nth time last night, I was left wondering about something.

As the stern lifted out of the water, I noticed a small bump of some kind, sticking down from the keel, just in front of the central propeller. I think I've noticed it before, on models and such, but never gave it any thought. Does anyone know what this "bump" was and what it did?

-- Thomas Shoebotham (, June 14, 1998


If we are looking towards the Titanic's bow (front) from the stern (back) we can see that there are two propellers on either side of the hull and a centralised propeller that is located in a small recess between the aft hull and the rudder. This is probably what you saw, the Titanic's rudder which is used to turn the ship.

-- Tristan Hankins (, May 04, 2003.

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