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Does anyone out there know what the procedure is for performing a balance load test on a VV? And can this test be done using an amp meter without test weights? Information on this subject would be much appreciated.

-- Hank Harwardt (HHarwardt@AOL.COM), June 14, 1998


on v v ... ac drive .do like tom said put er in the center shackel to shackel most vv now are 50% balanced load some arent,depending on the model and size,

work safe.... (always look before you move)

-- (, June 16, 1998.

Hank, Load the car with 45% of the rated load. Locate the counterweight even to the car, Cwt shackles in position with the car shackles. Since you are unfamiliar with this technique, get some help.

Pick the brake. If the there appears to be no overbalance, try feeling the balance with your hand by very lightly rolling the sheave (if gearless) or worm shaft (if geared)back and forth.

You did not state what type of equipment your working with, so I have no idea if the control has compensation or if it is adjusted correctly. An amp meter reading may not be accurate if the controls are incorrect. Use the hand method, but be careful. What ever balance load you end up with will be accurate.

Something worth considering before making the test, is roller guide pressure and / or slide guide resistance. Make sure these will not interfer with a smooth operation.

-- Ken Fulkerson (, March 05, 2001.

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