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OK, I understand that GM #10 was rebuilt. Is it still assigned to GM rails? Does anyone have photos? Also does anyone know what year Southern Railway started using the computer check codes?

-- Curt Anderson (, June 14, 1998


GM 10 was renumbered SBD 0010 following the creation of Seaboard System. It operated on the GM as SBD 0010 for a short time, and was later renumbered to SBd 8300. It was move to Hamlet in the mid-1980 as 4600,and assigned to hump service. In the early years on SAL, it was assigned to Hamlet for maintenance and worked back when work or inspection was needed, It was test run and broken-in on the Hamlet to Richmond SAL line for a few weeks after being delivered, I first saw it several days after delivery in Hamlet. Have photos as GM 10, SBD 0010, SBD 4600. It the best of my knowledge, it has never been rebuilt.

-- Warren Calloway (, September 03, 1998.

I have a photo of GM#10 in Gainesville, in GM paint, taken by my father in 1966 at the Gainesville Midland engine terminal. I can send that out if you're interested.

-- Craig Dooley (, August 18, 1998.

The former GM #10 is currently assigned as a switcher/hump engine at Tilford Yard in Atlanta. It has been renumbered #4600 and still wears Seaboard System paint, although the ends have been painted yellow with blue CSX lettering. It was moved there from Hamlet almost two years ago. My understanding is that this engine has not run on the GM in 15 years or so. It was taken for use on other parts of the railroad sometime after the Seaboard System merger in 1983. The only pictures I have of this engine were taken in 1992, with Seaboard System paint and the number 4600 on it.

-- Will Martin (, July 02, 1998.

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