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I am seeking information from you on-line folks about the various colors ACL and SAL baggage carts/wagons and hand trucks were painted. I am hoping to do a 'looking for information' small article for Lines South after I gather together what we know. I am pretty sure that SAL wagons were all Pullman green, with white lettering above the rear axle. I have heard that ACL wagons were also Pullman green, though some recall red undercarriage like an REA cart. I also know that some were later painted yellow (in the '60's?), and were later Amtrak blue. Thank you for any help, photos, memories, etc. Marc Hamel

-- Marc L. Hamel (, June 13, 1998


The baggage/mail wagons at Weldon, N.C. were all green. None had any railroad markings as there were used by both roads without any special markings. The tall wagons(called hearst wagons by some) were the only ones that weren't green, they were black and had red on the underside and had a frame at one end only. The REA at Weldon did have their own carts and were painted red and had an REA plate on the tongue end of the cart. They were also single ended carts where the mail/baggage carts were double ended.

The wagons I remember from Rocky Mount were also green.

-- Larry Denton (, August 01, 1999.

Long after SAL left Richmond's Main Street Station, I wandered through the train shed, and shot two slides of a baggage cart painted orange with the letters SAL stencilled on it's end in black.

-- doug riddell (, June 27, 1998.

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