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Could some one tell me who I can get in touch with to get a photo of ACL Locomotive # 1405? I believe it was 4 8 2, Mountain type.

Yours in Railroading

-- William H. Turner (, June 12, 1998


Steve is correct that there is a photograph of ACL 4-8-2 #1405 in Prince's ACL book (p. 153). The book also contains photos of two other J-1 class Mountains, #s 1401 and 1403. Prince says the locomotives were purchased in 1943 from the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR.

Andrew Waldo

-- Andrew Waldo (, August 02, 1998.

1405 was indeed a mountain type locomotive...The ACL aquired 5 of these from a New England line, not sure which one....These were numbered 1401 through 1405....I know of there use in Florida on the "Southland" passenger train #'s 32 and 33...This was at the time a long "Heavy weight" and the mountain type was neede on this run! I think I have a picture of the Southland at Dunnellon, Florida in 1948 and I am sure its pulled by #1405...I will look and get back with you...I also think #1405 is in Prince's book on the ACL...Steve

-- Steve Manuel (, June 12, 1998.

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