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I know nothing about Brownie cameras but have been searching the net for info regarding a No. 3 Brownie. So far I have found nothing. Is it considered the same or equal to the No. 2? Do you know the value? The one I have seems to be in very good condition - probably would work if I knew how to clean it properly, find film, and figure out how to operate it. I'd appreciate any info!


-- Wanda Bradford (, June 12, 1998


Re: No3 Brownie

Hi Wanda,

You are basically 2 clicks from finding the information! If you go to the first page of The Brownie Camera Page you will find a link called "The List and Descriptions of Brownie Cameras". Click on it and the No3 Brownie link has the info that you're looking for.

Good Luck

-- Chuck (, June 15, 1998.

i have one too!!! i found it in the attic. if youre looking to sell you could auction it at an antique auction and youll make alot more than taking it to an antique store. The antique road show is a great start.

-- Gabe Gonzalez (, November 14, 1999.

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