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As silly as it may sound, going the Anne Frank route (secret room) may be a possible alternative. I grew up in chicago during the 60's when the hippies fought the cops, a 7:00 curfew was ordered, civil rights marches and fights in marquette park, Martin Luther King was killed, burning of the west side. When you see hundreds or thousands of angry people en masse, doing whatever they want, it becomes very frightening.

My latest experience with this was when I was working on the west side in the heart of the ghetto, when the Chicago Bulls won their first championship, massive rioting and looting ensued, which I had to drive thru at midnight to get home.

The thing that you must be aware of, which I have seen firsthand is that the POLICE WILL DO NOTHING! While I was driving thru this mess police were driving by, looking, and going on their merry way. You can't count on the police to help you. Especially if their own family may be at risk. The police are outnumbered and outgunned, they know it, and the crooks know it.

I was seriously considering the Anne Frank method of survival when I assumed I would have to stay in the city. I had a plan to actually build a false wall in my basement with hidden access to a room that I would have had prepared with supplies, where I would have waited out whatever came.

I finally made a commitment to move out and ended up in a small village where these situations do not exist. I drove 75 miles into chicago for 2 years to go to work. A pain but ultimatly worth it.

Cities like chicago, LA, NY, and others are a powderkeg waiting to explode, where it takes very little to set the people off.

Please keep in mind that you can't expect protection from the police, they respond to events that have already happened!


-- Rod (, June 10, 1998


Hi Joyce: Yeah, the perimeter of a city would be best. At least your closer to getting away and avoiding the gridlock. I moved here about 5 yrs. ago, it's a small farming community of about 2k, at that time I never heard of y2k. I'd like to be further but will not attempt to move now. If your familiar with the south side of chicago, I lived in gage park, at 55th and california. I should have mentioned that I had an emergency exit planned, just in case. It all sounds so Hollywoodish, but yet it may come true


-- Rod (, June 10, 1998.

As I was stumbling thru the channels this evening, I happened upon a movie called "The Attic" a 1988 retelling of the Anne Frank story.

It was chilling to realize that this exact scenario could be played out in a little more than a year. Are we in for an "occupation"? An occupation as horrifying as the nazi's in WW2, an occupation by our own government thru the hands of FEMA, under the guise of protecting us? Is this really what the government has in mind for us, to protect and care for us? Is this why they're fortifying military bases, and building barbed wire enclosures? If the New World Order begins at y2k, are we to be made slave labor? Isn't that what the School to Work programs are REALLY about, dictating where people can work based on their intelligence, and the needs of society? Will the government offer rewards to those who turn in us "subversives"? Can we really escape the government, or are we kidding ourselves? The government has satellite's which can take pictures as small as a car, and be able to read the license plate too. Plus they have one other thing on their side, and that is time. Government resources are inexhaustible, while we attempt to save a years worth of food. Is the government above killing us? Look at Ruby Ridge, and Waco.

To what end did they justify the means? Weavers wife and son killed, everyone in the Waco compound killed, Koresh may have been a flake but is what they were doing any different from what some of us are doing?

Is the government intentionally stationing our decimated armed forces overseas, so they can use foreign UN troops as the goon squads to round us up.

The movie was very distressing.


-- Rod (, June 11, 1998.

Rod, a secret room might be a good idea. But keep in mind that if a fire breaks out in the house, which is a strong possibility if looting and rioting take place, an exit to the outside would be mighty nice to have.

You are right about the limited measures a city police force can take in the event of a riot. Usually, when it gets that bad, it is time for an army to come in and restore order. But if riots happen to take place in cities across the land simultaneously, we will not have the forces needed to restore order because we have scaled back so much in recent years.

The hot spots in the cities for potential riots would be the inner core of the cities, it seems to me. The outlying suburbs would be safer, don't you think? I hope so, because that's where we live...on the edge of the metro area, which happens to be the Chicago metro area.

Do you feel safe enough being only 75 miles out of the city? I have heard people say that a person should be more than a tank full of gas away. Well, in Illinois, given the sprinkling of small cities we have here, that would be impossible to do and stay in Illinois. If we have to evacuate, we will go to be with my father who lives 50 miles out of Chicago in a small town that is off the beaten path.

-- Joyce (, June 10, 1998.

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