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Okay, I've just been racking my brain trying to recall some of the photos on Rose's table at the end. I can only remember the one of her in front of the plane, then the one of her on the horse and the studio shot of her. I know there were a few others but I can't remember, so any and all help would be much appreciated :-)

-- Emma (, June 09, 1998


ummm, there were 11 pics, but we don't get to see a couple of them, you can only see their frames on the large shot, but here are the ones you can see...a graduation picture (prob Rose from college)...there was one of her holding a big fish probably a swordfish or something that she caught...there was one of her in what looks like Africa with natives...there was one of someone plowing a field or something, can't really tell if it's her or taken by her in some foreign land...there was the one you say about the plane...there was one on the Santa Monica beach on the horse in front of the roller coasters...there's the pr shot from the studio...

that leaves 4 more. 3 of them we don't get to see from the camera. (you can see the frames in the wide shot, but when it goes through them, it skips them).

The last one, is a big one in the background, behind the plane shot, so it's kind of hard to see. I can only tell that it is a big picture of Rose and she is either standing next to someTHING or holding something...maybe a trophy or something.

Hope that helps!! If you have any other questions, Emma, feel free to ask...(THIS IS JOSEPHINE IF YOU HAPPEN TO REMEMBER ME!)

I'm up to 28 times now!! =)

-- Jodi (, June 09, 1998.

Hi there Josephine!! Of course I remember you. No wonder you can remember all the pictures if you've seen it 28 times!! Hooly Dooly! I've only seen it 3 times, I must be deprived. Thanks for listing them all for me, I'll have to watch extra closely the next time I see it.

-- Emma (, June 09, 1998.

There was also the very first picture they showed. I think it was Rose posing as an actress.

-- Jennifer (, June 09, 1998.

The picture of her with the fish was after "ice fishing." Remember when she was about to jump off the ship, and Jack asked her if she knew what ice fishing was?

-- Julie (, June 10, 1998.

I don't like that all (ro most) of the pictures were of only her. I think it would be better if some were of her husband and these two kids we hear she had at the beginning. Also, if she's a grandmother and possibly a great-grandmother wouldn't she carry pictures of the kids?

-- Bethany (, February 08, 2002.

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