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I don't! But, here are some web sites that may be of interest for haters and lovers alike, which I got from the July issue of Internet Computing. I have yet to view them myself, so be warned, quality I can't guarantee!

-- Bob Gregorio (, June 08, 1998


Come on, guys and gals, grab an oar! I need help fighting the anti-Titanics on the first site listed above. Dan Dalton, now is not the time to resurrect your demon, I need the Titanic lover in you to help! I may need help on the other sites too. Haven't been on them yet. Please, gang, keep the fight clean and thoughtful, and no mindless one-liners. Thanks!

-- BobG (, June 10, 1998.

Okay, I'll probably get murdered for this, but I visited the sites above and one of them is an absolute riot. You can't help but like the girl who is bagging the movie (I mean, we all have our own opinions right, and you can't hate her for that), but check out this site:

And don't forget to look at her Movie Review Abattoir section for a guaranteed laugh.

-- Emma (, June 10, 1998.

Emma, you were right. That gal is a riot. She shines like a new...OK, I'm starting to bore myself with these quotes; you all must feel the same. Anyway, yeah, I enjoy her writing style. I found her review of LA Confidential more interesting than the movie itself! She really liked Heavenly Creatures with Kate Winslet (I thought it was good too). Some of her sarcastic questions on Titanic were ones I had long ago, but had answered on this site (i.e., how did that diamond stay in her pocket...the life belt held it in much of the time). I love her rendition of Mr. Calvert looking for Rose in heaven. I hope some of the rest of you get a chance to read these sites. There are some funny remarks on that first site listed above too. I refer to the guy/gal who hasn't seen Titanic, and goes to pro-Titanic and anti-Titanic sites but isn't interested in a debate on either.

-- BobG (, June 10, 1998.

So you're not going to kill me for laughing at her Titanic review, BobG? I'm glad that I'm not on my own and someone else finds her as funny as I do. You should check out her horror section review, and her one of Seven, they are excellent. I also enjoyed her rendition of Mr Calvert up in Heaven looking for Rose and how she said if she was reunited with the guy she fell in love with 17, she sure as hell wouldn't be calling that Heaven. Ha ha . . .

-- Emma (, June 11, 1998.

Those sites really amaze me. Six months after the movie comes out, some people are still upset that it did so well!

-- Susan (, June 16, 1998.

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