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Something's wrong with some of Titanic's box office numbers, particularly for two days in the past two weeks.

(to find this info go to click on "all-time" then "Titanic." This has Titanic's daily box office for every day since its release.)

First, on Monday, 5/25 (Memorial Day) the daily gross is listed as $702,659, but the difference between the total gross listed on Sunday and Monday (which SHOULD be the same number) is $1,183,012!!

Second just today, (Sunday 6/7) daily is 454,000, Difference is 659,000!

(I used a calculator to get the exact #'s but you can see without one the the numbers are off)

What is going one here?! Are the daily grosses listed off the mark? possible, but highly unlikely, since for that to be the case these #'s would be HIGHER than Sat's #'s (note every other weekend, sat's #'s were always the highest)

Is Paramount trying to "push" Titanic's gross to $600 mil using shady methods, or is something ELSE going on? (an expanation for the discrepency would be nice)

-- Dan Taft (, June 08, 1998

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