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The "Tools (people can use)" category is a place for URLs and links to documents anyone can read, refer people to, download, or print out, that will help raise year 2000 awareness in our communities. If you know of any such documents, please post their addresses here. All we ask is that they be printable.

If you have ideas for documents that would be helpful, but don't seem to exist, that you would be willing to work on to create, please create a thread ("Ask a Question") about it and place it in the "Projects (help wanted)" category.

If you are willing to help work on the creation of those documents - whether you started the thread or not - please do.

-- Bill (, June 07, 1998


Very Important Notice:

A new product to add to your on-line y2k supplies store:

Most candles are made with a carcinogenic toxic substance: paraffin. Paraffin is the left over residue from gasoline refining. Candleworks offers a clean-burning, 100% natural solution: Long burning candles made from soybean oil grown in America's Heartland. Each candle burns 60 hours $44 for one dozen (shipping is included in price): one dozen provides 720 hours of emergency light. These candles are safe, non-toxic and burn clean without the black soot created by paraffin.

We will pay your company a commision. Phone Mike Richards at 319-337-6316

-- Mike Richards (, April 17, 1999.

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