FlashPix server needed?

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I see nowhere on theis site mention of a FlashPix server. Without using a plugin viewer is a server necessary? If it is you might mention this in describing "How To."

-- Jeff Rawlins (penweb@olypen.com), June 07, 1998


You need the Image server to get the full advantage of FlashPix. However, you can view it just like JPEG if you have the plug0in installed.

I have yet to see a free web service provider that offers FlashPix support. LivePicture has ZoomIt but it needs JPEG for your input files. I am looking for a FlashPix enabled web service provider. Or maybe I just have to put one up - once I find out where I can get a free image server software.


-- Rommel Feria (r.p.feria@ieee.org), April 17, 1999.

What do you mean by seeing it like a jpeg and what the embed URL should be? I can open and see an HTML page with a .fpx file in an embed tag when it's on my HD but not when on a Web server. :(

TIA, Igor

-- Igor (iawalter@my-dejanews.com), May 12, 1999.

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