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Do you know how contact richard gere's e-mail? I want know if he wants a full sized budah statue that I have recently aquired.

-- Lorrie Davis (stoy@psyber.com), June 06, 1998


There is no e-mail address available for Mr. Gere. However, if you click on the link to Marilynn's Richard Gere page, you can get the address and fax number for his agent Ed Limato at ICM and let them know of your Buddha statue. Or if you're feeling generous, why not just ship to Richard c/o his agent?

-- ^E^ngel (angels@midcoast.com), June 18, 1998.

do buddist people believe that the budda can hear.....? If so...I would like to share a beautiful chapter with you, not in a condemning way, however, just for the truth of the matter. It's found in the KJV in the book of Psalms 115. Actually, I still have the stone I had sent Richard, it had been returned to me lets say, and you know I thought to myself "Jesus is the ROCK," Richard must have laughed when he saw it. I've kept it as a nick nack and of course I've painted it again since it was returned to me, it looks so much better now. I should have painted it so nice before I had sent it "I take things slow....ha ha ha ya right!!!!! Well, I find this very difficult to type first of all, It's Mr. Gere I'd love to be in touch with, although his many fans seem so devoted. And I'm still hoping I'll receive a personal autographed photo of him, as I concider myself his #1 fan of all. My 4 children would agree. Good luck keeping tabs on such an excellent actor. Keep us informed,he might not be God, however he sure is interesting!!!!

-- kerry westgate/julie ventura (ruskie1436288@aol.com), September 24, 2000.

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