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Anyone thinking about or in the process of growing food ought to be aware of Geri Guidetti, her work, what she has to offer, and the Ark Institute, an organization she founded. Geri has worked incredibly hard to put together the basic knowledge people need to be able to feed themselves by growing that part of their diet that consists of vegetables and grains. She's worked incredibly hard over the course of the past year to make it as easy as possible for people preparing for year 2000 problems to address the non-hybrid seed gardening aspects of their plans. Her "Survival Seed Package" is one of the best products/services I've ever seen in my life (I bought two of them). Any individual or community looking at gardening as a component of y2k preparation would do well to investigate Geri's Ark Institute web site, and contact her ASAP to get on her list for next year's shipments of non-hybrid seeds which could be in short supply.

Geri is also the moderator of the Nonhybrid Gardening discussion forum associated with Gary North's web site. This is a great forum. Lots of useful information. Questions asked and answered by everyone from people who know absolutely nothing about gardening, to people who've been at it for years. Feel free to join in the discussion. There are a lot of friendly, helpful people there...

Also, this next link will take you to one of the best little collections of similar gardening information on the net. It will take you directly to the Nonhybrid Gardening Archive within the archives of Gary North's old, original forums. You'll find a lot of great gardening information there, and you'll see just how much knowledge and help Geri Guidetti can pack into a paragraph.

-- Bill (, June 06, 1998

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