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It seems that Paramount is dropping most of its newspaper ads for Titanic,especially in the small and medium sized markets. I have only seen small ads for the film in the New York Times and LA Times. Is PARAMOUNT giving up on our beloved film? How is it supposed to reach 600 million if people don't see ads for the film?

-- michael pitt (, June 06, 1998


The newspaper advertising for "Titanic" has been decreasing drastically over the last several weeks. In my area (Detroit, Michigan), there are no "Titanic" ads at all in any of the area newspapers. Last weekend, they ran only in the Friday through Sunday editions. There were more the previous weekend when they were pushing "Go Back for the Holiday". But it's been pretty much weekends for about the last 5-6 weeks or so in this area. I have seen ads in almost any edition of the New York Times, but found that the advertisements in the edition of the NYT that is available here in Detroit is much smaller. They were full size ads in the editions available right in NYC. My guess is that Paramount doesn't see the need to spend $$ advertising when it is still making money. Some of the Box Office tallies seem to be better this week than in previous so they've figured no need to expend dollars (and reduce profits) at this point. I haven't reviewed my advertisment clippings yet to see just how many different ads were run (different pictures, different wording, etc.), but at some point I will evaluate.

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, June 06, 1998.

Digital Computers has now an add inspired from Titanic. I saw it in Time Magazine or in Newsweek. Something with "Titanic Hit."

-- Dan Draghici (, June 06, 1998.

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