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Hey guys, does anyone know when the movie will be coming out on video? I heard it may come out mid-july... is this true?

-- jen (, June 06, 1998


Response to movie release date {home video}

September 1st, 1998

Minimum suggested retail price: $19.95


-- Thomas M. Terashima (, June 11, 1998.

Response to movie release date

I went to the Blockbuster Video here in Ottawa, Canada, to ask about any waiting list for the tapes and the guy told me that I should go there in July because the tapes will be released in August.

-- Dan Draghici (, June 06, 1998.

Response to movie release date {home video}

Today, Paramount is expected to officially release details about the home video release.

Thursday, September 9th, is expected to be the release date.

{It looks like Paramount/Fox chose a date before the Labour Day long weekend.}

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, June 08, 1998.

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