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The following is the "welcome message" from the Y2K Water List. If you'd like to subscribe or pass the info on to your local water utilities people, just follow the directions here:

Welcome to the Y2K Water List Group,

The purpose of this group is to exchange relevant information concerning Year 2000 compliancy of water utilities. Messages and answers should be sent to


Please include your email address within the text of your message if you want to be answered directly.

In addition to our general list group, we have a private discussion group for water utilities. This is to insure confidentiality if any water district needs help, but is afraid of asking to a general list. We don't want this kind of fear to slow the y2k remediation process in any way.

You can pass this information to your local water utility and tell them they can register by sending an email to dcormier@parousie.com with the mention "SUBSCRIBE". A verification will be made to make sure they really are a water utility y2k employee before the activation of their subscription.

Messages sent to my personal email address dcormier@parousie.com will be considered confidential and will not be forwarded to any group.


Daniel Cormier
Y2K Water Discuss Moderator
Montreal, Canada dcormier@parousie.com

I subscribed to this list by sending Daniel Cormier an email asking him to send me directions on how I could do that, and how my local water utility person could subscribe to the private list. He just went ahead and signed me up. The above note was his reply. Anyone wishing to subscribe should just drop him an email and request to be put on the general, public list.


-- Bill (billdale@lakesnet.net), June 06, 1998

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