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Hello, my name is Albert Wong. I am a nature photographer. I travel to California's National Parks (Yosemitie, Mammoth, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, etc.) to take B&W pictures. I heard about a new film by Kodak. It is T-MAX 400CN. Has anyone tried it out? For those that have tried it out how would you rate it as quality, tones (soft or harsh), and grain?

-- Albert C. Wong (awong251@cari.net), June 05, 1998


Tmax 400CN

This film is of the same type as Ilford XP2 etc. It uses standard C-41 processing and since it is (lab) printed on colour paper you can request the results to be 'toned' by filtration. It also prints well on BW paper but you have to bump up the contrast. I've never seen it used for landscape but primarily for portraiture.

-- Andy Laycock (agl@intergate.bc.ca), June 08, 1998.


T400CN has a grain and tonality that remind me of T-Max 100 (TMX). The grain is very fine, sharpness is remarkable and tonality is quite nice. Normal contrast is around grade 3 on most VC papers. I'm not sure it would be first choice for landscape (I'd probably pick TMX or perhaps APX25) but it is an excellent film.

Dana K6JQ Dana@Source.Net

-- Dana H. Myers (Dana@Source.Net), June 10, 1998.

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