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NPR (National Public Radio) has been running a Radio Expedition series about Dr. Ballard's (discovered Titanic 1985) search for the Yorktown. I've caught a couple of episodes, but missed a lot of it. This morning's segment said that Ballard finally found the Yorktown and is having a news conference today. Does anyone know anything more about this expedition. I know the Yorktown is 3 miles down (deeper than Titanic) and there are 4 japanese warships also sunk nearby. From today's segment it sounded like the whole trip was fraught with problems including some major mechnical failures. It really makes you appreciate all that Cameron went through to film Titanic.

Anybody been listening and know anymore details?

-- Crystal Smithwick (, June 04, 1998


There's extensive coverage at the National Geographic Society website.

The press conference was on a few hours ago; expect coverage on CNN and the evening news, today.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, June 04, 1998.

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