racial discrimination at MUNI?

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An instructive story in the Independent of 6/2/98, p. 6A by Matt Isaacs, "Five Muni workers charge racial discrimination: cases involve cable car division" tells a great deal about who really cares about racism. Five African-American workers of the Municipal Railway in the cable car division have filed racial discrimination lawsuits. These workers are union members and we have an African-American mayor who claims to be concerned about racism, who was supported in his election as mayor by this union. Yet these African-American union members had to go to a private attorney to file complaints about racist harassment and promotion of whites with less seniority than blacks. Having met the middle aged white cable car operators, I am not surprised. They have almost no class consciousness as workers and seem to think of themselves as police rather than as workers. Someone should remind them that the longshore workers' union, the ILWU, has a clause in their constitution forbidding police to be members of their union.

-- tyler (tyler@igc.apc.org), June 03, 1998


Happily, at Presidio and Potrero Divisions (trolleybuses), I have found one of the least race and class concious work enviroments in my life.

Robert Parks 6 and 22 lines

-- Robert Parks (rparks@linneaus.com), August 13, 1998.

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