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For the article on ACL's 4-8-4s I am writing for the next Lines South, I need to find an article that appeared 10 or 15 years ago, in either Trains or Railfan & Railroad I think, entitled something like "Locos that Never Were." In it was a sketch of a proposed ACL 4-8-4, or maybe it was a 4-4-4-4, in an experimental paint scheme. Can anyone remember what magazine and issue this was in? Also, if there are other articles out there that discuss the ACL 4-8-4s at any length, including comparisons between them and other 4-8-4s, I would appreciate those references too. Thanks.

-- Larry Goolsby (, June 03, 1998


Just after the 1975 "Trains" mention of the Kuhler-streamlined 4-4- 4-4 that never got built, the venerable David P. Morgan, Editor Emeritus at that time, gave me a long printed photo and a large-format negative of that machine, done for the ACL advertising people, I expect. It's a sentimental piece for me, because Morgan died very shortly afterward. I lent the negative some years ago to Warren Calloway, who's at /, and he could make you a photo print from it. (Warren, are you there? I need to hear from you!)

-- Whit Joyner (, February 08, 1999.

Pages 34 & 35 of the August, 1960 issue of Model Railroader has HOscale plans for the 1800 series as well as two photos and a too-short explanation.

-- Wayne Long (, June 10, 1998.

The drawing you are looking for - a proposed 4-4-4-4 duplex drive as drawn by Otto Kuhler - appeared first in the November, 1959, issue of Trains Magazine on pages 24-25. The article was on duplex drive locomotives. It appeared again on page 31 of the September, 1975, issue of Trains in an article on equipment proposed but never built.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (, June 04, 1998.

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