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Does anyone know where there are photos or drawings (or if any of the photo services have) photos of the Pullman All Door boxcars with roll up doors the Southern had? I know they converted them, but want to build one or two in N scale as an adjunct to a bunch of other all door cars I have. Any assistance would be appreciated.

-- Jose Cabanillas (, June 02, 1998


Jose--let me have the car numbers and I'll look them up in the diagram books. We have diagrams of most if not all Southern cars in the archives now--Larry

-- Larry Puckett (, June 04, 1998.

Larry - they were originally numbered 9800-9999 when they had roll up doors. After they were rebuilt with what looked like plug doors, the remaining cars were numbered in the 9807-9959 series. I have good drawings of the other two manufacturers cars - the Thrall all doors and the PACCAR Side Sliders, but as far as I know the roll up door cars were unique to Southern.

Thanks for the help. jose

-- Jose Cabanillas (, June 08, 1998.

Jose--I checked the Southern freight car diagram book and the all door cars are in there but they supercede the roll up door car diagrams. That doesn't mean that we don't have the diagrams it simply means that it will take a while to locate them. Right now we're mainly working off the microfilm versions but we have all the orignal drawings in a warehouse in NC. Eventually they will be moved to Chattanooga and inventoried, etc. Maybe it would be a good idea to work from photos or model the all door cars. I'll ask our archivist if he knows anything abut these cars just in case--Larry

-- Larry Puckett (, June 09, 1998.

I just found this website. Quality Craft had a kit of the all door boxcar about 30 years ago. If you are still interested I should have the plans and probably photos. Dick Fisher

-- Richard Fisher (, May 19, 1999.

An excellent photo of an all-door roll-up boxcar can be seen on page 62 of James Kinkaid's "Southern Railway Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment."

-- Joe Daniels (, May 20, 1999.

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