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Does anyone ' d been using the Tetenal Developer (Ultrafin Plus). From what I read, there were two division of "Inversion Agitation Rhythm" in the developing timing schedule. Does this mean there would be every 3 sec. or every 1 min. of each inverting the tank in one circle? I'm kinda confused !! ---- If the development time is 11 minutes, therefore in 11 min. we'll agitate the tank for 11 times? Am I doing OK here? Any suggestion would b so kind of you----- Thanks.

-- Roam P. (, June 01, 1998


Hi Roam, I had the same problem like you. What does it meam 1-minute agitation? Tetenal gave me this answer: 3 sec agitation rythm means one inversion every 3 second. 1 minute agitation means: fill the developer into the tank and dump the tank onto the table to remove air bubbles from the film. After that inverte the tank once and then o n e inversion of the tank after every minute.

-- Dietrich look at, you will find detailed tables on the developing times of various films in all TETENAL developers

-- Dr. Dietrich Seyboth (, September 13, 1999.

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