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Dear DBAs, How can i connect to two different versions of SQL Server using the Enterprise Manager/Transfer Manager(?) of SQL Server 6.5 (Is it possible. If yes, please enumerate the steps...) Why: I want to automate the transferring of all devices, all objects (tables,views,stored procedures,databases) from SQL Server 4.2 for OS/2 to SQL Server 6.5 for Win NT. Any suggestions on how can i transfer the devices and objects easily ( please include details...). (Note: The databases and devices are BIG!!!) Scenario: Transfer Manager(?) or I-------------> SQL Server 4.2 for OS/2 Enterprise Manager <--I (SQL Server 6.5) I-------------> SQL Server 6.5 in Win NT in Windows 95 Thank you very much. This page is very helpful for those SQL Server users and administrators. More power !!! javelic

-- Anonymous, May 29, 1998


Re: Connection problems


I'm not expert in SQL 4.2 on OS/2. I think the best help I can give is to list these exchanges I found using to search microsoft.public.sql* newsgroups. Below I list a few of those interchanges.

Eric Kohnen

The only possible way to do this is with named pipes and LanServer or LanManager. TCP/IP sockets will not work.

Verify the correct files and dates with the files in the CLIENTS\WIN16 directory on the SQL Server CD. If this still fails, try copying netapi.dll from a know good WfW installation.

-- Paul Wehland - SQL Server Support Engineer -- MCSE

Stefan Wania wrote in article <01bc3473$8ffc6ee0$0a65a8c0@pcidsp2>... > We are trying to establish an ODBC connection from the WIN/OS2-emulation to > a MS SQL-Server 6.5 on an NT 4.0 server (running NETBIOS and TCP/IP). > > By trying the standard NAMED PIPE protocol we get no connection to the > server neither with ODBC nor with ISQL (16 Bit tools in WIN/OS2). By using > the TCP/IP protocol we get a connection, but we get many ressource problems > in Access 2.0 when we establish an ODBC connection to the SQL-Server. > > We also tested the named pipes connection with the enclosed programms > "makepipe" and "readpipe". The OS/2 station can establish a connection but > the data is not received correctly on the server. Very different characters > are displayed on the server (sent: hello, received: something like "0 i"). > > I don't think that there is something wrong with the server, cause from an > WIN95 client everything works perfectly with named pipes. > > So, is there anybody out there, who can establish a connection from an OS/2 > workstation with ODBC or ISQL to MS SQL-Server 6.5 on a NT-Server using > NAMED PIPES protocol? Help is needed, cause I definitly see no way to > establish the connection. > > Thanks very much in advance. > > Stefan Wania > Securitas Versicherungen >


Microsoft stopped shipping an OS/2 client when release 6.0 of SQL Server came out. Some folks are still using the 4.2 drivers, but these will not properly handle new 6.x features. Microsoft suggests using ODBC to access SQL Server from non-Microsoft operating systems. Visigenic has a "native" SQL Server ODBC driver for OS/2 and many other non-Microsoft platforms.


"Victor Gnocchi" wrote:

>I am running SQL 6.5 in NT 4.0. I can configure the OS/2 Client to access >the SQL tables, Does anyone know where the OS/2 client setup is, is not on >the CD. Please I need help... If you don't get a better solution: Generate the script ("source code") for triggers and stored procedures with Objects Manager and apply them on your 6.5 installation. -- Tibor Karaszi, Instructor (MCT, MCSE, MCSD) Cornerstone Sweden AB

P Gibbs wrote in article <01bbece5$7c9dc180$>... > Does anyone out there have any experience of using the SQL Server for NT > Database/Object Transfer utility to port an old OS/2 database from SQL > Server 4.20 to SQL Server 6.5? > > I have tried it, but running the SQLOLE42.SQL file into the OS/2 database > gives an error on xp_msver not existing and the transfer results in errors > of sysconstraints, sp_MStablekeys, status2, sp_MStablechecks and > sp_MScolbindings not being found. > > The tables and data transferred successfully, but the stored procedures and > triggers failed completely. > > Help! What am I doing wrong? > > Pete.


I've only ever found one way to connect to SQL Server running under OS/2 from an NT client. I ran the Netware "NIK" (Network Integration Kit) on the server; orignally it was sold as a separate product called the NIK, but in the last release of SQL Server for OS/2 it was included as part of the regular package. At the client end I used NWLink IPX/SPX. To make it work with a minimum of hassles requires a Netware server on the network; the alternative is hardcoded network addresses.

I know this is NOT what you wanted to hear!


Jerry Sy wrote:

>Server1 OS/2 SQL Server 4.20b (NAMED PIPES) >Server2 NT SQL Server 6.5 (NAMED PIPES, TCP/IP)

>client Windows 3.1 > can connect to Server1 and Server2

>client NT > can connect to Server2 but cannot connect to Server1

>How can I connect to the OS/2 server from the NT client ?


-- Anonymous, June 01, 1998

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