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I cannot seem to get smartrack.cgi to list the orders or to place them in the track.db file. It is creating the orders in the order directory but no where else. Also when you select "track your order" it just displays a blank table. The url is Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

-- Robert Palmer (, May 29, 1998


I had the same problem and tracked it down to a path problem in the smart.cgi file.

Search for "#Write the order to the tracking DB" and change the line following it (that opens the file) to include explicit pathing, ie:

open (TRACK, >>"$basepath$delim$trackdb");

Solved the problem for me.....

-- Dan Freeman (, December 30, 1998. need to make sure that the $trackdb variable defined in smart.cfg contains the appropriate pathing from your $basepath definition.

For example, mine is defined as "cgi-bin/track.db" as I have the database in the cgi-bin directory.

-- Dan Freeman (, December 30, 1998.

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