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I am a digital artist/web designer in New York City. My interest in the FlashPix format began with its first incarnation--the IVUE format. I have a small library of IVUE images for use with older versions of Live Picture and I am converting my library of photography slowly to the FlashPix format. I am very excited about the FlashPix architecture and about this forum.

My home page is:



-- Martin Rigby (, May 28, 1998


I am a retired Physiologist. Doing some writing now , and playing with the web, taking and printing photos, investing, reading. Find the sites here helpful and interesting. Allen

-- Allen Scher (, June 15, 1998.

I am Pieter and I work for Infosel, located in Monterrey, Mexico. I am interested in learning more about the FlashPix format. We decided to use the format within an Intranet which is going to be the main ISystem for a new paper to start later this year. We use the extension FlashPix from Accusoft with the ImageGear Imaging Toolkit to archieve fast image processing with editing capabilities via the web pages.

-- Pieter Siegers (, June 23, 1998.

I am a web developer that is interested in learning more about different image formats due to the frustration of working with gifs and jpegs.

-- Trey Harper (, February 28, 2000.

Hi, I am an embedded systems engineer that is developing a product that will support digital video, both motion and still. I have been considering the FlashPix format for addition into the list of supported formats for my device. But it seems that the FlashPix format has lost some it's momemtium.

Who is actually using this format in a commercial non-software only product? (ie digidal camera's, camcorder's, VCR's, etc)

-- Charles Nelson (, April 26, 2000.

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