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What does it take to have alumni letters sent to you. I have talked to alot of people who rowed for FSU a long time ago and they have not heard any word from you. Mark and i brought the team a long way, and we would appreciate some type of update on how the team is doing.

-- Jonathan Hinkle (, May 27, 1998


One way to stay informed of the team's progress is to join the FSU Crew mailing list. The mailing list will inform subscribers of important FSU Crew events, fundraisers, regattas, web site updates, and much more. This service will essentially keep subscribers informed of the team's growth and development.

-- Dion Sweat (, May 27, 1998.

If you'll send me your address up in Philly, I'll send you a copy of the newsletter as soon as we finish it. Good luck to you guys during the summer.

-- Alan Rhodes - FSU Crew President (, June 02, 1998.

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