Titanics holiday gross up by 41% 0ver last week! {Memorial Day weekend}

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According to May 27th edition of US Today Titanics four day holiday box office is up 41%over last weekend. Any film that can increase its box office in its 23rd week is spectacular. Almost all over hyped event films open with huge #'s due to massive advertisng and that must see attitude by the public,but they usually fall by the following weekend by huge %'s. Since Titanic came out six months ago no film which has opened to #1 has been able to out live the great ship,examples, Lost In Space,City Of Angels and He Got Game all of these films are now below Titanic on the box office charts. A true masterpiece like Titanic shall live on forever!

-- michael pitt (XRRG10B@prodigy.com), May 27, 1998


Response to Titanics holiday gross up by 41% 0ver last week!


-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@sprint.ca), May 27, 1998.

"Your movie is a wonder Mr. Cameron, Truly!!"

-- Misty Chacon (Mystified) (foo@bar.com), May 27, 1998.

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