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In order to load some new film with the film loader,Ineed to take out the spools from the empty patrones.This's where I'm having trouble. I just can't get them right !!!! Somehow the patrone's cap is always stuck and won't come off without breaking or some bleeding on my fingers. Someone help me please!! I've broken too many of them already. Appreciated so much for saving my blood!! Thanks.

-- JANINE (, May 27, 1998


I don't understand. What is a "patrone"?

You sound desparate, so I'll take a guess. Perhaps you are trying to load your own 35mm cassettes from a bulk film loader, and the problem is that you can't dismantle 35mm cassettes in order to re-use them.

The short answer is: modern 35mm casettes can't be re-used. You can take then apart with a bottle-opener, or buy a special gadget that does the same thing, but they can't easily be put back together. Taking them apart needs about the same effort as taking the top off a beer bottle, and my fingernails are not that strong.

Many years ago, Ilford casettes could be re-used. Now, the best solution is to buy re-usable plastic casettes.

If this doesn't answer you question, my apologies, and could you re-phrase it?

-- Alan Gibson (, May 27, 1998.

Thanks so much for your help. It's certainly inspired me to get some re- usable plastic cassettes.The "patrone" was the word that I found in my film loader ' s manual. It's probably the same thing as cassette. : )

-- hjanine (, June 05, 1998.

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