1960s passenger diesel colors.

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I have a copy of "Southern Railway Varnish - 1964-1979," but I am unable to tell if the passenger F and E units from that time period are dark green or black. What was the color scheme for Southern Rwy. diesel locomotives in the middle 1960s?



-- Adrian Sherrill (sherrill@udel.edu), May 26, 1998


Adrian--around 1958 the Southern began repainting all locomotives into the black scheme and by the early 1960s most if not all had made it through the paint shop. Green diesels did not appear again until 1972 when Southern opted to stay out of Amtrak. The E8s and later a handful of FP7s were done up in the green scheme. LifeLike released both the E7s and E8s in the black scheme so you should be able to model this era easily. A must book with lots of color from that time period is "The Southern in Color" from Morning Sun books. It is available from the Grab--Larry

-- Larry Puckett (lpuckett@geocities.com), May 26, 1998.

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