What tripod w/ XL-1?

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Being used to Sachtler tripods for Betacam, I want smooth pan/tilt action. Any suggestions on something of similar quality for XL-1? I'm looking at the Bogen 3063 Mini fluid head, but am wondering if anyone knows if the 3066 might be better or just overkill? Any other suggestions for quality?

-- Sharon Stevenson (ssteve@amauta.rcp.net.pe), May 24, 1998


Samigon makes a great, light, video tripod that is ideal for the XL-1, the VX1000 or the DSR200.

It looks like a baby version of a Sachtler or Vinten 10, with double brace legs, a smooth fluid head with just the right drag for these cameras, and a claw ball for level adjustment. Extended, it is about five foot 10" high, and sells in the $175.00 range. It is available from ARGRAPH in New Jersey.

One cautionary note. The weak point is the plastic locks on the head, which have a habit of snapping off in shipment. Whenever I put the tripod in the bag, I wrap the head with bubble wrap.

-- Dirck Halstead (dirck.halstead@pressroom.com), May 24, 1998.

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