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I've been looking for a Richard Gere fan club for years...does anyone know of any???

-- Stephanie Coelho (, May 23, 1998


Jenny is right, it's not hard to START a fan club. But it takes a lot of work to keep it going. If I get enough requests, I might start an Unofficial fan club. To make it official, we have to contact Richard's manager. it's a long shot, but it could happen!

-- Rose (, May 24, 1998.

I'd like to start one, if you have any comments/suggestions, post them here or e-mail me.

-- Rose (, May 25, 1998.

I hope there's one too! I will join without one second of hesitation is there's one. If anyone know of any, let me know too!

-- Colleen (, May 23, 1998.

Ha! I know someone will ask this question sooner or later! If you want one that much, why not start one?! Don't ask me how, don't know. This is only a thought.

-- Jenny (, May 23, 1998.

I also would join. You said if enough are nterested...How many is enough?

-- (, May 24, 1998.

This is an issue which has been kicking around for years, as Richard Gere has some of THE most devoted fans. It has apparently been his position (since the beginning of time, one would assume LOL!) that he is not in favor of any sort official fan clubs and would not endorse one. So I doubt whether you'd get anywhere with his agent. We just have to stick together and BE his fans.

-- ^E^ngel (, May 27, 1998.

I think you're right, Angel. Who cares about fan clubs anyway! But I doubt Richard knows there are sites about him on the net. He spent too much time on politics.

-- Colleen (, June 08, 1998.

Colleen, he does spend a lot of time on politics, but trust me, HE KNOWS about the websites. He probably doesn't spend much time BROWSING them, however, but it's always nice to think we never know when he may be "lurking" be nice!

-- ^E^ngel (, June 18, 1998.

a fan club wpuld be great.dont you think?It's about time!these pages are cool too,so keep up the good work!!it's a great way to stay informed about our fave actor RG.He cant blame us for getting together and wanting yo form a club.,can he?its def a form o flattery!!haha.and hm being involved in politics,should understand all that.Sorry for the typos,it's late!just surfin and lookin for some new info on RG...sincerely, love to hear from you!

-- donna jean douglas (, July 23, 1998.

don't know if there is one, but I had a dream last nite...won't go into details, and don't know why i dreamed it because I haven't even thought about all. In the dream i was visited by him for two days, all i wanted to do is make love to him. He kissed me and it was heavenly. He started talking to me about some pretty heavy stuff. We went fishing together. I woke up to the song "Pilgrim" by eric clapton. Didn't not even know he had written a book. How's that for a dream? Oh yea, went back to sleep again and he was still there. That's why I got on the net to see what I could find out. Just thought i'd share.

-- karen stone (, May 12, 1999.

I haven't seen any fan clubs for richard gere. But i think there is one for david duchovny.

-- Amanda Jean Derf (, November 06, 1999.

I am looking for his fan club to. I came all the way from Zimbabwe to look for his fan club in Europe and America but I can not find one please help.

-- Vivian Schmidt (, June 07, 2000.

I have been a secret fan for years and would join a fan club if there was one. It would be so great if he would chat like once a month or whenever so that he {if he cares} knows that the fans are still here. It would be a great boost for him anyway in case he was ever down to know people still appreciate his work.

-- Diane Jeada (, November 25, 2000. many people would we need to start a fan club? That would be so cool....and like some of you people said, it would be really awesome if he came and chatted for like one day a month (maybe even more? LOL). Like how AOL has the celebrity chats....too bad he was never in one of those either. We should start a fan club though

-- Elizabeth (, September 03, 2001.

hi there guys!IM kavita FROM INdia.I wud luuuv 2 be a part of the RICHARD GERE FAN CLUB!I truly bel dat richard gere is just an actor & ahuman being.I really wish i get to meet him sometime of my life.With the club we cud even help certain putting in efforts.All we need is a good start.PLZZ mail me as soon as there r certainties of an RICHARD (sexy)Gere Fan club. I wish ricahrd gere d best things in life 4 ever n ever! until then keep rokkin guys!

-- kavita singh (, March 09, 2002.

Too Bad Richard plays such tough guys in the movies, but is a Pusssy when it comes to going to war.

-- Michael McTavish (, February 11, 2003.

I doesn't look like anyone has posted anything in a long time - But, I'm willing to take steps towards an official fan club. I also believe that he is a great actor and a stupendious human being. Bravo to him for finding his righteous path in this life. Email me if you're seriously interested in starting an official fan club.

-- Donna Rustigian (, March 16, 2003.

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