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My son and daughter, 11th grade and 9th grade respectively, both row for the Eastside High School crew team in Gainesville, FL. My son's lightweight mens 4 is rowing in the H.S. nationals in New Jersey this weekend.

I would like to get any information that would be available regarding a recent news article I read that FSU was adding rowing as a varsity sport. Information regarding how to have them considered for any scholarship opportunities as a result would be appreciated as well.

Thank you for your assistance.

-- Dennis Carter (, May 21, 1998



First off, I would love to get my hands on a copy of that newspaper article...they keep us in the dark up here.

Anyhow, let me address each of your concerns individually. As for the officail word on Varsity status...nothing as of yet. What that means is that the university has not made any offical statements as to when the women will be going varsity (but almost definately by next fall). When that happens, they will hold a national search for coaching candidates...when a coach is selected, that is when, and who, will make any decisions as to scholarships. Another issue at hand is whether or not we will even get scholarships in the first years...UNC did not...we will have to cross our fingers and hope. As for your son, you are going to run into some trouble finding him a scholarship. The sad truth is that due to Title IX, mens rowing has been placed on the back burner. The only place to find good mens rowing scholarships is in the Ivy League, or already established rowing schools. For the most part, most mens rowing squads are still officailly clubs...therefore, no scholarships. But don't let that discourage you...keep looking you never know what and where you can find it. Your daughter on the other hand is riding the wave of Title IX, and should reap the benefits. By the time she graduates, womens rowing will be on all new levels...lots of money. That is just the nature of the sport today. I also caution you to not only look to schools with "Varsity" attached to their names. Many collegiate programs that are clubs produce some of the fastest boats. Truth be know, a good coaching staff will prove to be your best bet. That's what makes fast boats...coaching, not scholarships. Best of luck.

Patrick Casey

-- Patrick Casey (, May 21, 1998.

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