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I've been using an ADAT Ampex tape for awhile (several months) and recently have started getting the noFo message (indicating that it thinks that the tape is not formatted). The tape still sounds OK but I am now extremely paranoid and am not using it any more until I can get a duplicate (I've only got one ADAT). Does anyone know if I've waited too long and even a duplicate will be somewhat impaired. Or am I OK. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

-- doug onstad (, May 20, 1998


From my experience the NOFO message is an indication that your head needs alignment. The NOFO stopped for me after a routine checkup>


-- John Chiara (, May 22, 1998.

I agree with John......most of the time "nofo" is caused by heads in need of cleaning. It's a relatively simple procedure. Call Alesis (1-800-5-alesis). They are able to give detaiked instructions.

-- Matt (, June 24, 1998.

Looks like I'll be working on the new 20-bit ADATs next week, not sure which variety. I'll try and post my impressions.

-Lynn Fuston 3D Audio Inc.

-- Lynn Fuston (, June 25, 1998.

You guys notice that this heat and humidity causes the adat heads to get dirty faster?

-- Matt Fortier (Matt, July 17, 1998.

I've been using the ADAT format for the last 6 years....begginning with the origional Blackface version, then to the XT16 and now the XT20s. At first, all I used was Ampex....but I found that I was getting various Error messages consistantly. Usually 7 and 9, which can inform of tape malfunctions (such as stretching). I also got a lot of interpolation using the Ampex tapes. Now, it is totally reasonable that there are bad tapes every once in awhile, but using the Ampex brand, I was having troubles all the time. I then switched to Pannasonic tape and had good results and I am now using the preformatted BASF (16 and 20, depending on what ADAT I am using) with absolutely NO failures or problems. I have also found HHB to be relatively good, though I have seen some failure with them as well. I have NOT used any Ampex ADAT tape since the recent Quantegy switch, so I cannot testify about it at all. BASF has worked perfectly for the last 8 months and HUNDREDS of ADAT hours.

If proper machine alignment is not the culprit, switch tape brands and see if there is a notable difference in perfo

-- JT Burke (, June 12, 2000.

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