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If you came to this page from the Millennium Salons Forums directory, you are now "inside" a thread in the Millennium Salons forum. To leave the name, description, and URL of a y2k forum you believe ought to be on the Forums directory, just click on the link below that starts with the words, "Contribute an answer to..." That will bring up a text entry screen. Just type the information in there, click "Submit," and your suggestion will be added here and shipped to the manager.

If you're leaving information concerning a listserver, please include the brief directions of how to subscribe, along with a description of its content or main focus.

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Thanks for your input.

-- Bill (billdale@lakesnet.net), May 19, 1998


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-- LSRY2K Moderator (SelfReliance@iname.com), July 03, 1998.

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