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I am beginning research for a possible book on the Railroads of Lynchburg and Central Virginia. I am looking for sources of photographs. N&W photos are in Blacksburg, C&O's in Clifton Forge, but Southern's seem to be all over. I'm looking mostly for historical pictures like the tax valuation shots done in 1917-19. Photos that document rail structures in particular.

-- William D. Cox (TRNSUNLTD@AOL.COM), May 19, 1998


Bill--in addition to the archives of the SRHA you may want to check with the VPI library and the Library of Congress. There is a link on the links page to the VPI site and jsut do a search for the Library of Congress on Yahoo. I once spent a few hours browsing that site--Larry

-- Larry Puckett (, May 19, 1998.

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